Activity Request Form

*must be filled out in order to be considered. must be completed no later than 6 weeks prior to event.

Approval Process
1. Activity Request Form is completed and submitted to Charlie McAllister.
2. Pastors and Staff evaluate the Activity Request Form.
3. 1 week after submission - Contact Person is notified of status of Activity Approval.
4. If activity is approved, the activity is added to the church calendar and Basecamp.
5. Avenues of advertising will be determined by staff and the advertising process will begin 1 month prior to event.
6. The Staff Project Manager will be following up in all aspects of the process of this event to ensure its success.

Staff name
Staff name
Staff Project Manager. If you are not sure - a staff member will be assigned to you
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Contact Phone *
Contact Phone
TV/DVD player, room set up, access to the kitchen, etc.
How does this event accomplish one or more of the following: 1) Walking with Jesus 2) God's Will First 3) Tell Everyone
Create an announcement to advertise this event. Title, who the event is for, day(s)/time(s), location, cost, contact person/info, what the event is and it’s purpose.