We are here to help you get connected in a small group that will fit you best.

Small Groups

At Riverside, we have many different Small Groups, but not all of our Small Groups meet on Sunday mornings. When searching for the best group for you, you’ll find we offer a variety of groups, meeting locations and times. We can help you find the group that works best for you, your family and your schedule.

We encourage you to make involvement in our Small Groups a priority for you and your family. They are for people of all ages...from the youngest preschool child to the oldest senior adult. It is the kind of place where friendships are built; where ministry and discipleship happen; and most importantly, it is where life-change takes place! You can see a list of our small groups below.

Just fill out the form below or give us a call at (303) 433.8665 so we can get you connected!

Young Adults on Campus

On Campus groups meet Sundays at 9a

C.A.Y.A.C - College and Young Adult Community              
FLC 139
Teacher: Jessica Mason
This group is comprised of 18 to mid-­20s, committed to making a difference by discovering and passionately pursuing a God-­designed mission in life.

Young Marrieds Class         
FLC 102-­103
Teacher: Bill & Debbie Fugitt
A passionate group that studies the Bible and will do many activities together outside the classroom. This group will focus on practical Bible studies and application. Laid-­back group for couples 20’s to 40’s. This
includes accountability, devotional, discussion and prayer – serving together.

Young Married Young Adult Class
FLC 116
Teacher: Ryan Carlson
A group that feels like a home group. They will do many activities together outside the classroom. A casual group for 20’s to 40’s. This includes accountability, devotional, discussion and prayer – serving together.

Y.C.C. -  Young Career Community
FLC 148
Teacher: Josue Gonzάlez
For all young adults, single or married;; post-­college to 30s. This group studies the Bible to know God intimately, live in authentic community with one another and strive to reveal Christ to others.

Adults Off Campus

Young Adults – Central/West Denver
Teachers: The Weidingers
This group meets Mondays in the green mountain area of Lakewood. We are a group of 20-30 something year olds. Some married, some single, some outdoor enthusiast, some indoor enthusiast, all with one thing in common: we love and want to know more about Jesus. If you want to know more please contact Jenna at Jenna.weidinger777@gmail.com or Dave at dmwbnd@gmail.com.

Young Adults – Central/East Denver
This geographic group meets Tuesdays at 7p in Denver. This group is made up of young adults: 19 - late 30's. They study the Bible and serve together in many ways. For more information and location, contact Ally Grove at agrove@riversidedenver.com .

Adults on Campus

On Campus groups meet Sundays at 9a

Heart's Desire                                                                                             
FLC 155
Teacher: Becky McAllister
A Women’s class focusing on mentoring and doing life together. This is open to all ladies. We will be doing a study by Kelly Minter, “What Love Is,” from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John. Ladies, join us especially if your husband does not attend church with you or is involved in a ministry that does not allow him to attend a class with you. For more information contact Becky at momoffourboys@sbcglobal.net.

Bible In Life                                                                                           
FLC 148
Teacher: Bill and Debbie Fugitt
A Young Adult/Family small group that will study and apply God’s Word to your marriage and raising your family. This class is open to those 40 and under and the material we will be studying is aptly titled, Bible In Life! If you have wanted to be a part of a small group, this is your opportunity!

Bread of Life                                                                                                    
FLC 125
Teacher: Cliff Mills                                                    
This group focuses on systematically studying the Word of God; Old and New Testament; verse by verse. It seeks to imitate the Acts 2 church by doing life together; building the church and kingdom through serving others.

C.S.I. (Christian Servants Involved-in the lives of others)                
FLC 153 - 154
Teacher: Patrick O’Bleness                                              
This is a group of empty nesters and adults who enjoy interactive study of God’s Word.

Families of Faith                                                                         
FLC - 151
Servant Leader: Steve Hellmann                                                             
Families of Faith exists to glorify God through Biblical obedience, fellowship and sacrificial lives as we live out God’s word in Ephesians 3:15-19;”That we would experience the riches of His glory, that we would be grounded in love, and that we would be filled with the fullness of God.”

Northern Lights – North East Metro                 
FLC 4th Floor
Teacher: Dave Mellin / Servant Leader: Shad Grubbs
This group is comprised of families from the North East Metro Area -­-­ called to “walk as children of the Light” and grow to be disciples of Christ.

GodSeek 365                                   
FLC 4th Floor
Teacher Steve Spahn & Larry Click Servant Leader: Brent Mulliniks The hearts' desire of this group is to live life together 365...by loving, praying, serving and growing in His Word...to give God the glory in all we say and do!

FLC 150
Teacher:  Rick Kochis / Servant Leader: Dorlan DeWitt
This group includes couples and singles of all ages. The Bible study format is a facilitated discussion with a strong emphasis on global missions. 

Life Group 4 Christ                                                                                        
FLC 136  
Teacher:  Bruce Murphy                                                             
This group of adults with older children places a high value on prayer and enjoys studying the Bible together.

Mile-High Outreach                         
FLC 125
Teacher: Tom Wonder & Monte Watson
This group is committed to Bible study, prayer and missional outreach to Downtown Denver through personal evangelism and commitment to creating and leading new M-­PACT Groups.

Doers of the Word                                                                                  
WCB 134
Teacher: Jonathan Young
This is a group of single adults, mid 30’s and up, who enjoy fellowship through Bible study, caring for one another and enjoying a variety of activities outside the classroom as well.

Live Out Loud!  (Women)                                                                           
FLC 119
Group Leader: Gale Vanooyen                                   
This group of ladies of all ages “Live Out Loud!” doing life together; loving, laughing, learning and shining the light of Jesus in our world.

Hearts Desire (Women)
FLC 155
Teacher: Becky McAllister
Our desire is to explore the Bible in a manner that is effective for ladies. If you are married or single this class is for you. If you are married and your husbands can’t make it to a class this is a perfect fit for you. We will focus on mentoring relationships to help us explore the love of Jesus and how that love causes us to act (and live) in truth. We are also interested in building relationships together by finding projects to work on, serving others, community, and encouraging each other through our daily lives.

Men’s Small Group                                         
FLC 114
Teacher: Mark Norwalk                                                       
This group of men uses weekly Bible study lessons to provide a basis for discussion and class interaction.

Senior Adult Groups on Campus

On Campus groups meet Sundays at 9a

Fellowship Bible                                                                                     
FLC 300
Servant Leader: Bill Winter                                          
This is a traditional Bible study class focused on a book-by-book study of the Bible. The group sings traditional hymns, fellowships together and learns God’s Word in a family style environment.

Open Mind                                                                                                
Teacher: Steve Hall  
Open Mind is a vibrant group of senior adults. While the size of this group is large, there are small groups within, which allow each individual to stay connected and meet the needs of others.

FLC 145-147
Teacher: Pastor Tony Lambert
This group includes single and married adults who enjoy studying God’s Word verse-by-verse. There is also a strong emphasis on prayer.

The wellness of our spiritual journey depends on whether or not we are deeply connected with other believers; small groups fulfill that dependence, while cultivating spiritual growth and genuine Christ-like community.
— Lewie Foltz, Tuesday Night Group
Our small group loves to live life together by keeping each other accountable, studying God’s Word and just hanging out.
— Heather Thompson, The Neighbors Group

Just a few things our groups like to do

  • Study God's Word together

  • Pray together

  • Explore Camp Riverside in beautiful Grand Lake, Colorado

  • Rock Climbing

  • Give water to our Bronco fans

  • Volunteer with JPUN

  • Fly Fishing

  • Running

  • Serve the homeless

  • Assist District 6 Police Department each fall