June 22, 2014 Riverside began an intentional journey to more deeply understand what it means to live in the presence of God.

God’s manifest presence from Genesis to Revelation has always been a part of the relationship He offers His people.

Solomon, David’s son, experienced this kind of relationship on more than one occasion. Yet he allowed choices made in disobedience to cause him to lose that close relationship with God.

On Wednesday nights, we are currently exploring what it looks like when God comes to Church. Our study is based on a book written by Steve Gaines with the same title.

On Sundays, we are exploring the concept of “Inviting God to Church” as we walk through the first seven chapters of 2 Chronicles.

This guide is designed for you to use the next 30 days as a prompter to help you discover, like Solomon, what is keeping you from experiencing the manifest presence of God daily.

This is not designed to replace your daily study in God’s word or your time of worship. Take a few moments each day and fast, “cease” the destructive habits in your life and focus on the plan that God has outlined for you.

I am praying that God will both reveal and forgive us for allowing the
substitutes of life to replace the sweet relationship that He paid such a high price to provide!