God has started working in the hearts of those guests that come to Riverside - We have a huge responsibility to help those people get connected.

The guest is the most important person in the room.

We are helping to make the guest experience warm and welcoming.

We need to collect guest’s information in order to help get them connected into a small group.

You are a part of the first steps of the discipleship process!

Helpful guide

At the beginning of your shift, meet with your Team Leaders by the Welcome desk, pick up your lanyards and review our ministry goals and pray together.

Make sure there are a mixture of men and women in the parking lot helping park guests.

Every guest is ushered to the Welcome desk. It is vitally important to get their information.

The ipad code is 2401. The web address for checking in guests is https://www.riversidedenver.com/welcome-center

After your shift, leave your lanyard at the Welcome desk.

Parking Lot Greeters

Welcome guests who stop for the Guest A-frame sign and direct them to an empty guest spot.

Greet them as they exit their car. Get to know them and walk them directly to the Welcome desk.

Be aware of first time guests that do not stop at the sign. Greet them, and walk them directly to the Welcome desk.

Foyer Greeters

Greet everyone, but focus on people you don’t know, even if you aren’t sure if they are Riverside people. Example: “Hi, my name is ______. I’m so glad that you chose to come to Riverside today! I haven’t seen you here before, could I get some info from you and get you a free gift?” Greeters usher all guests to the Welcome desk.

When the Welcome desk host retrieves the guest’s information. The guest is offered coffee or water and is given the first time guest gift.

The Welcome Desk host asks an available greeter to take the guests to the Worship Center. The greeter will let them know where the restrooms are during their walk and hand them off to an usher. Introduce them to an usher, and ask the usher to help them find a seat. If an usher is not available, the greeter will help them find a seat.

At 11:35 - return to the foyer you are assigned to, and greet people as they leave. “Thanks for coming today!” “So glad you came today!” “See you next Sunday!” etc..

Return your lanyards at the Welcome desk at the end of your shift

Team Leaders

Get cold water bottles of water from the mini fridge in the hospitality closet across from the Resource Center. Get coffee cups and sleeves from the coffee bar. Set up coffee and water on the inside of the Welcome desk for our guests.

A-frame Guest signs are in the Resource Center closet.

ipads are in the control room at 9:45a. They are to be taken to the usher station at 10:45a (until we purchase a better solution). Retrieve them at 11:35a and bring them to the Welcome desk to be used after service. At 11:50, return them to the control room.