A Note from Tony

As you are reading this, our Israel team is wrapping up their visit to the holy land. If you haven’t seen the pictures on our Facebook page, you should check them out! Everyone will return to Denver on Friday night!

We’ll continue the series Remember this Sunday as we keep remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus. I hope this past Sunday helped create an awareness for you and the real problem of human trafficking - even its existence here in Denver. If you missed the presentation you can catch it on our website. This month will culminate with Easter! Please be sure you are thinking about who you are going to bring with you! 9:00 pancake breakfast and worship will be at 10:30!

Don’t forget...The Trailhead is Moving…to the Chapel! I cannot say thank you enough for all of you who made our chapel renovations possible. Please stop by and see the great progress that has been made if you haven’t already seen it. Because of your sacrificial giving, we are able to move the Trailhead into a much more intimate setting!

These are just a few highlights…you can see our entire calendar online at riversidedenver.com!

Love you all!
Pastor Tony