A Note from Tony

Jesus is alive!
I have to admit I slept pretty hard Sunday night. I am really not sure what took place between about 2:30 yesterday afternoon and 5:30 Monday morning. When I woke up I honestly wondered if I had been dreaming. From the weather to the breakfast and the volunteers all over campus I am not sure it could have been a better day!
But then we gathered to worship. Oh my! And did you see what God did? You were asked to allow God to use you as an instrument to reach people with the gospel. Yesterday was just another reminder that He blesses faithfulness. Of the crowd that responded at the end were two ladies that my daughter had invited and I was able to talk to them after the service. The story is amazing! God still changes lives! I wish everyone could have seen the look on all those faces, many with tears flowing, as I had the honor of standing in front of them as we closed.
The scripture reveals to us clearly that there were mixed emotions the day following the resurrection of Jesus. People responded in a variety of ways. Let me encourage you as you face the real world to respond in light of the resurrection! It makes all the difference.
I hope to see you Sunday, if not before, as we finish the rest of the message of 1 Corinthians 15.
With great love!
Pastor Tony