A Note from Tony

Faith Family,  
Let me begin by saying thank you for the way you have expressed your love for Michael & Nicole over the last couple of weeks. It is a good sign when people understand God’s anointing on a man and respond with a spirit of support. Well done!  

I know many of you are wondering what is next. So am I! In discussions and prayer with our trustees here is what I do know. We are committed to finding the right interim combination to cover all our worship leadership needs. I am encouraged by the network of worship leadership I have been able to develop and believe our future is bright.   

As I write this to you we have secured interim leadership for the Trailhead for at least the next nine weeks. By the way our attendance this past Wednesday was AWESOME with several new people as well. The move to the chapel has been great!   

We are also set for the next three Sunday mornings. We will be using three different people and we have great confidence in at least two of them…Looks like I will be leading our team on the 17th. Hey, two out of three is not bad!  

Our plan is to continue to wait for God to reveal who this interim leadership needs to be. Once He does this we will then begin to turn our attention to a variety of staff needs. As you are aware we are currently down several staff positions. While we do not plan to replace all of these, the proper combination will be critical as we proceed. I do not anticipate this happening fast.  

I close with these three thoughts:  
1. Please pray! No really, pray. Like right now would be a good time before you forget!  
2. We want God’s choice for leadership not ours and certainly not mine. This (may) look much different than in the past depending on the combination God provides.  
3. Our passion is to do everything possible to strengthen our overall worship ministry and see it as something that is compelling to all generations. That certainly includes the choral portion and increasing opportunities for others to utilize their gifts.  

Hope leads, humbled to be allowed,
Pastor Tony