A Note from Tony

I hope your week has gotten off to a great start and for those of you who were snowed in this past Sunday, we definitely missed you! It was still a great Sunday. Since so many were out, I decided to make my sermon on forgiveness two parts and will come back to this topic on Sunday! If you missed Sunday, come to the Trailhead this Wednesday night!
Since my last note to you all, I wanted to give you a quick update on a few things. First, we were able to secure help with our worship ministry through the month of May.
For the Trailhead: beginning this Wednesday evening, Ethan Springer will serve in this worship service. Ethan is already a familiar face to Riverside. For several years, Ethan led worship at our summer children’s camp, Camp Highside. Most recently Ethan led our students during their Refill weekend.
For Sunday mornings & Wednesday choir rehearsals: beginning this Wednesday evening, Lange Patrick will begin serving with us. Lange just arrived in Denver to assist NAMB through Storyline Fellowship in building a church planter training system here in our city. Previously, Lange was leading worship at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He is going to be a HUGE blessing to us. He will lead our choir rehearsals each Wednesday night through May as well as lead worship on April 24, May 15, May 22 & May 29.
Secondly, I wanted you to know that during the month of May, Sherry and I will be taking a sabbatical. Many of you are already aware of this, but prior to us coming to Riverside, we were scheduled to have a sabbatical which we canceled because of the transition here. We had been planning this again for some time with our trustees. When Michael was called to another church, our initial thought was that we would cancel it again. However, Jason and our trustees held firm that it was still important that we take this time. Pray that the Lord will give us rest during this time and that we will have a special time of reconnecting!
During the month of May Jason, Landis and Jim Walters, former pastor of Bear Valley Church will be covering the preaching schedule.
I can’t wait to see you Wednesday night or Sunday morning!
Pastor Tony