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- That Fun Thing presents -
6-12th grade @2p. 18+ @5p. $500 TO WINNING TEAMS.

Join us for the unforgettable experience of playing Blacklight Dodgeball. Form your team now and enter the epic tournament of intense competition and prizes. This double elimination tournament features regulation dodgeball courts, referees, and hours of fun! Your team of 8-10 players must be present to register at the event. The winning team will win a $500 cash prize. By the way, there is no entry fee.

We want your craziest, funniest, and best costumes and teams. The best-dressed team will receive an incredible VIP experience. This is a free event, but be sure to bring money for concessions and swag. Get there early - this event maxes out at 32 teams.

Blacklight Dodgeball will take place on Sunday, April 14th at 2p for 6-12th grade and 5p for 18+ at 2401 Alcott Street in Denver Colorado. Remember, "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.”

please Let us know if you are interested or plan on going, on our event page - we expect this event will fill up quickly


1. The game begins with your back foot on the end line, opposite the center line. On the sound of the whistle, you may rush the center line and grab as many as dodgeballs as you wish.

2. You must take the ball behind the "attack line" before you throw it at your opponent. The attack line is the line prior to the center line.

3. You are out if:

• You step over a sideline, the centerline, or the attack line (if you are throwing a ball)…..if you are going to get a ball that is outside of the playing area you will not be out….

• A thrown ball hits your body….however, if the ball hits anything else before it hits you, you are not out. (i.e. another person, the ground, ricochet ball from someone ).

• You may block a thrown ball with a held ball…however, if you drop your held ball in the attempt to block the opponent's ball, you are out. You are also out, if you attempt to block your opponent's ball and that ball still hits you in any way.

• Your thrown ball is caught in the air by your opponent.

• While the referees are on the court to make calls and keep order on the court, it is impossible for them to see every single play. Please police yourself and yourself alone. This is a high honor game. You take care of yourself and let others choose if they will choose honor or dishonor for themselves.

4. If a thrown ball is caught in the air, one out player on the opposing team may re-enter the game.

5. If you are out, line up on the side of the court – besides the ref – in the order that you got out.

7. You can only hold a ball for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, it will be considered dead. Dead balls need to be rolled over immediately to the opposing team.

8. Your referee is King of the court. What they say goes. Please, no arguing calls. No arguing with your opponents.

9. No fighting. If you choose to fight, your entire team will be automatically disqualified.

Things to keep in mind

- This is a double elimination tournament.

- Be on time for your next game. If you are not present when your game begins, your team will forfeit.

- We will call your team and the court you will be on….please listen – team captains you are in charge of your team.

Riverside Church. 2401 Alcott Street. Denver, CO 80211. 303-433-8665